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                                        Request Free Consultation

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                                                1. betwinner-Trend is the leading supplier of release agents to the global tire industry. In fact, our products have contributed to the production of half the tires on the road today. Why? Because we uniquely understand the demanding and exacting requirements of the industry, and we respect the needs of your world. We exist to serve you.

                                                      Using our vast research and development resources, we work with customers to continuously innovate, improving the final product and creating a more efficient, sustainable, and certain process.

                                                    • Our team is highly experienced in the industry. Our dedicated direct sales teams, located around the world, work alongside our customers to provide solutions that are custom, complete, and provide competitive advantage.

                                                      betwinner-Trend provides the tire industry with the most extensive range of release agents available for the curing/vulcanization process.

                                                        1. Watch this brief exhibitor interview from the 2020 Tire Technology Expo to learn more about how betwinner-Trend is “future-proofing” the industry.

                                                              Tire Technology Expo 2020 – Exhibitor Interview, betwinner-Trend
                                                              Video credit: Uki Media & Events

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                                                                  Our team of tire experts have several hundred years of collective experience in helping people just like you improve production efficiency, scrap rates and part quality. Request your free consultation today.

                                                                    Request Now

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                                                                      Minimize curing-related defects, optimize finished tire appearance, extend the life of critical manufacturing components (such as curing bladders), and reduce costs in your tire processing operations with betwinner-Trend® inside and outside tire paints, mold coatings, bladder coatings, and retreading products.


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                                                                      betwinner-Trend’s inside tire paints provide the slip required to remove the tire from the bladder without issue. This affects appearance and performance. Therefore, it is a vital step in the extremely complex manufacturing process.

                                                                    • betwinner-Trend supplies the following four categories of inside paints:

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                                                                      • Filled inside tire paints
                                                                      • Specialty filled inside tire paints
                                                                      • Unfilled inside tire paints
                                                                      • Durable inside tire paints

                                                                      All inside tire paints manufactured and supplied by betwinner-Trend are water-based, providing solutions that are centered on health, safety and environmental (HSE) concerns.


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                                                                      betwinner-Trend’s advanced filled inside tire paints have been specifically formulated to provide maximum levels of slip as well as air bleed during the shaping process to ensure defect-free tires.

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                                                                            betwinner-Trend recently introduced a new family of high-performance water-based filled inside paints based on a unique blend of raw materials. The carefully balanced ratios of these components allow users to employ lower coating weights (compared to conventional filled inside tire paints), which improves finished tire appearance.

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                                                                              betwinner-Trend pioneered the development of unfilled inside paints. These products are applied to the inside of each tire prior to the curing process. They provide outstanding slip, required to ensure good tire uniformity and appearance. Because they do not contain any filler, optimum tire appearance is achieved with the inner and outer surfaces of the tires appearing clean. Any material that is accidentally transferred to the bead face or outer sidewall of the tire through over-spray, or by operators handling the freshly treated uncured tires, will not visibly mark the tire. The inner liner of the finished tire looks extremely clean in the racks of tire sales outlets, an important feature in many markets.

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                                                                              Durable inside tire paints are specifically developed to transfer to the surface of the curing bladder to provide a reservoir of slip-and-release functionality, allowing the release of multiple untreated tires between applications.

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                                                                                      Outside tire paints are applied to the outside of each tire, prior to vulcanization, to provide improved air bleed and rubber flow.

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                                                                                      Tire mold coatings are applied to the surface of tire molds to help minimize mold fouling, aid rubber flow, assist in the release of the tire from the mold at the end of the cure cycle, and enhance finished tire appearance.


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                                                                                      betwinner-Trend’s tire curing bladder treatments protect the working surface of the curing bladder against chemical and abrasion attack during its service life. Protecting the bladder against the high level of abrasion that occurs around the region of its surface that is in contact with the tire’s bead areas significantly improves its service life.


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                                                                                        We understand the unique processes used in the tire retreading industry, and we have developed solutions to help improve process efficiency — particularly in the areas of molding pre-cured treads and treating curing envelopes.

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                                                                                            Mold Coatings for Molding Pre-cured Tread Strips
                                                                                            Specific water-based, semi-permanent mold treatments have been developed by betwinner-Trend to help reduce the number of times a mold needs treating per shift.

                                                                                            • Curing Envelope Coating
                                                                                              betwinner-Trend has developed a highly innovative room-temperature curing envelope treatment with the specific aim of improving the efficiency of the tire retreading process.

                                                                                              Learn more about release agents here.

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                                                                                                    A brand of Freudenberg.

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                                                                                                                Contact Us

                                                                                                                We’re here to help. Just fill out this form to get started.

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                                                                                                                                              • By clicking the “Submit” button, I acknowledge that I was informed about the processing of my personal data according to the Privacy Policy of betwinner-Trend.

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